Chicago Stockyards/Maxwell Street

Sometime you just want that taste of home albeit from Mail-Order.

Whether you lived in Chicago or throughout the state of Illinois the following links are delicacies that you can only purchase from the Land of Lincoln…. Including the only nails made in the good ol’ U.S. of A.


www.giordanos.com we have two here in Orlando if you don’t want the frozen mail order kind


www.ginoseast.com my must when I hit Chicago. I like the one in Lincoln Park and you bring your own BOOZE!


http://www.viennabeef.com/ ‘Nuff said if you’ve ever eaten a Chicago Dog! Plus it’s served at The Weiner’s Circle in Lincoln Park


http://www.kitchencooked.net/ Direct from the heartland of Farmington, Illinois (yes potatoes grown in Il.)

http://www.rayschilli.com/ Goes good with Nacho’s

http://www.funkspuremaplesirup.com/ a route 66 staple.

www.Beernuts.com Great selection from Bloomington, Illinois

http://www.mazenails.com/ These are the only American made nails and they are from Illinois

S&T Provisions (real Chicago style thin pizza): https://order.sandttoo.com/

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